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Backup - RM-NEOs  24-slot

RM-NEO247S - LTO-7 HH SAS 24-slot

Tape autoloader

Part No. 224-278 
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A tape autoloader is a rack mounted device that contains a tape drive, multiple tape cartridges and a device to move the cartridges to and from the drive.

Tape autoloaders are can be deployed when multiple backups are need to be simultaneously accessible to perform restores in schools. When used with a suitable backup software product, the device can automatically place a backup across multiple cartridges if a single cartridge has insufficient capacity.

The device also contains a barcode scanner allowing the backup software to record which backup is stored on each cartridge. This enables faster performance as the device does not have to load each tape to identify the data stored on it.

Manufacturer: Overland Storage
RM part numbers:
21D-517 (RM-NEOsT12245SAX - LTO-5 HH SAS 24-slot)
21D-518 (RM-NEOsT12246SAX - LTO-6 HH SAS 24-slot)
224-278 (RM-NEOsT12247SAX - LTO-7 HH SAS 24-slot)

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Available to lease

  LTO-5 HH SAS 24-slot LTO-6 HH SAS 24-slot
Number of tape cartridge slots 24
Number of tape drives 1
Number of mail slots 1
Tape drives supported LTO5 LTO6
Minimum Capacity 36TB 60TB
Maximum Capacity 72TB 150TB
Minimum data transfer rate 504GB/hr 576GB/hr
Maximum data transfer rate 2TB/hr 2.9TB/hr
Interfaces 6GB SAS
Connectors Mini-SAS
Form Factor 2u
Dimensions (inches) 3.44"(h) x 17.6"(w) x 29.13"(d)
Dimensions (mm) 87.4mm x 447.0mm x 739.9mm
Weight 33lbs. / 14.9kg
Power Requirements 168 watts (max)
Input Requirements 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Humidity (non-condensing; operating) 10% to 80%
Temperature range (operating) 10° to 45° C (50° to 113° F)
Reliability 2,000,000 MCBF (robotic load/unload cycles)
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