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Converged Infrastructure - Dell PowerEdge VRTX

Converged Infrastructure - Dell PowerEdge VRTX

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Product Overview

The first integrated IT solution designed for school environments that integrates servers, storage, networking and management together in a single, compact chassis with school-optimized dimensions, acoustics and security.

The Dell PowerEdge VRTX chassis has 4 half-height slots available for PowerEdge blade servers system. It has huge internal capacities that support extensive growth. It's quieter than a hallway conversation so it can operate non-disruptively in school environments. It will help you gain fast application response times, run multiple applications that need performance or low latency, power through peak processing periods and scale for future growth. The integrated network switch eliminates the need to acquire, cable, power and manage an external networking switch. Full-functioned unified system management takes much of the time and effort out of systems administration and control.

Rapidly deploy the Dell PowerEdge VRTX to consolidate and manage all the school applications in up to four server nodes with shared storage and integrated networking.

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