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School Servers and Storage

We have a server to suit your school needs. Whether you have an on premise server, or a cloud network, our range will support this.

End of Support for Servers 2008

As of January 14th 2020, all versions of Windows Server 2008 are no longer be supported by Microsoft. There are a number of options available to schools still on Server 2008 and this should be seen as a great opportunity to re-consider how your infrastructure is set up.

If your school is still running Server 2008, you will be vulnerable to:

Cyber-attacks and viruses: Microsoft will not be providing any new security patches and as such, servers running Server 2008 will be at high and increasing risk of cyber-attacks.

Network failure: As there will be no new updates to Server 2008, any significant software or hardware issues will no longer be supported and could lead to significant network issues, including complete network failure.

Have you identified a need for a refresh?

There may be significant cost savings available if you are using multiple physical servers. Take the opportunity to benefit from server virtualisation, which can lead to much improved availability and flexibility of your critical server infrastructure all while reducing costs associated with purchasing, managing and maintaining physical servers.

Alternatively, rethink how your network is run, by migrating more of your data to the cloud. You can significantly reduce costs in your school whilst taking advantage of the latest software, driving better collaboration and productivity in your school. RM have specially tailored services to help take away any worries and help you transition seamlessly.

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Supporting the Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft 365 ecosystems


Enabling on-site storage whilst utilising cloud services

Multi Server Storage

For schools that require large amounts of storage

Backup/CC4 Access

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