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WEEE Disposal

Restore Technology - IT Disposal

IT disposal is an important concern for modern businesses, as incorrect processes can result in data breaches and environmental damage. Working with a reputable ITAD is a safe way to ensure your outgoing assets are dealt with securely and ethically.

To discuss our IT disposal, please contact.

Jordan Clayton-Priestley
01925 931657 / 07870 158250

Lesley Savage
01925 730033

IT disposal - overview

An IT disposal service involves a reputable ITAD provider (IT Asset Disposition) handling the disposal of your old or unwanted IT equipment for you. Due to confidentiality and environmental concerns, IT assets can't just be thrown away. They must be cleared of all their data before being responsibly disposed of.

Get in touch and we will help you identify which assets you need to dispose of and the best way to go about this. Our experience working with RM Engineers and other education clients means that we can deliver GDPR and environmental compliance. The service is cost neutral where disposals are for 25 or more major items. Major items include PCs, Laptops, Mobile Devices, Printers and TFTs etc.

As the UK's leading IT destruction provider, we understand the requirements across the education sector and will work to provide a service which is simple and compliant.

Restore Technology are approved to destroy data to the maximum UK security level. Here's how the process works.


We'll arrange a convenient time to come and collect your unwanted assets. We'll serialise every asset and transport them to our facility in a secure, GPS-tracked vehicle.


Once the assets reach our site, we carry out data erasure to ensure any and all data is completely removed from each asset.


Next we'll remarket the assets through our range of channels. This is easily the greenest approach, as reintroducing the assets to market means that new assets do not need to be manufactured.


In the event that an asset cannot be remarketed, we will ensure it is recycled to the highest possible standard, allowing its materials to be reclaimed.

Physical destruction

For our more security conscious customers, we can also provide physical destruction services for that extra peace of mind. We can perform punching, degaussing and shredding of hard drives down to 2mm, or a combination of these to destroy your data.

Onsite destruction

Our destruction services can also be performed onsite, meaning your data can be fully destroyed before it ever leaves your premises. We operate a large fleet of selfpowered destruction vehicles which allow us to provide this convenient and ultrasecure service throughout the UK.

Restore Technology

We help companies handle their IT requirements safely and ethically, at a time when sustainability and data security are more important than ever.

These services allow businesses to rest assured that their data is protected, their environmental impact is minimised and all regulations and legislation are met.

Secure - We have over 100 police & government-vetted staff, and are NCSC CAS(S) approved. We can carry out shredding down to 2mm, and can destroy all types of data media. We provide certificates of destruction and full audit trails.

Ethical - We always try to give assets a new life, and when this isn't possible we carefully process them to allow materials from plastic to precious metals to be reclaimed. We use solar energy to help power our facilities and are committed to electric vehicles and carbon reduction. We also provide custom environmental reports for our customers. We carry out regular donations of IT assets to charity both on behalf of our customers and as part of our own initiatives, sending them to the people who need them most.

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