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Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Apple iPad 10.2" - WiFi tablet


Product Overview
Introducing the newest iPad, combining the familiar feel and design with better performance and productivity. Up to 10 hours of battery life means no disruption to lessons; lessons which are enhanced even further with over 80,000 apps created solely for education. The newest productivity features allow iPad users to work simultaneously with two apps at once, meaning students and teachers can research and write, create and design, review and report all on the same 10.2" retina display.

Apps like playground physics allow you to record videos and then visualise the physics behind movements and actions, get creative with canva; or learn to code with Swift Playgrounds; all in a light, thin and mobile chassis.


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Part No. 244-330
 delivered within 3 working days
iPad Mini
Part No. 244-329
 delivered within 5-6 weeks
Cabling and Adapters
Part No. 235-022
 delivered within 2-3 weeks
Part No. 235-014
 delivered within 2-3 weeks


Technical Information

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