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Office 365 services

Ensure your Office 365 is safe and secure

Product Overview

security at a level that you are comfortable with. 

Microsoft offer a free tool called Secure Score that tells you how secure your environment is and makes some recommendations as to how you might improve that score. We offer a range of services that can help you secure your Office 365 platform, as well as protect your user identities and their data from potential threats: 

Office 365 Tenancy Configuration Services

If you need help getting your Office 365 services up and running then we can help you create your tenancy and configure it with some basic education specific settings to ensure it is fit for purpose and ready for you to add your users manually or automatically using RM Unify.

Office 365 Mail Migration services

We can migrate your user and shared mailboxes from Exchange or G Suite to Office 365 with no impact on your users.

Office 365 Data Migration services

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection protects your email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams from malicious attachments and URLS, malware and phishing attempts.

Office 365 Data Protection Service

We will configure Azure Information Protection and Data Loss Protection policies for your Office 365 environment, to ensure that your users can label their documents with a sensitivity rating and apply policies to restrict the movement of that data. 

Office 365 message encryption

We will configure Office 365 message encryption for you to ensure your data is secure when being emailed to an external person, school or company.  

Azure AD Identity Protection Service

We will add an additional layer of security to your Office 365 credentials, configuring policies that give you full control over the acceptable risk levels in your school and enforcing things like multi-factor authentication should the risk be too great.

- IT Staff
- Teachers
- Safeguarding staff

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