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HP LearnAbility

Parental purchase scheme

Product Overview

HP LearnAbility is a parental purchase scheme designed for education which allows schools to ensure students can still have the right devices, despite ever tightening budgets. Schools looking to enroll a 1:1 or BYOD policy should consider HP LearnAbility as a viable option to ensure students have the best chances of succeeding.

With HP LearnAbility schools can dictate which devices can be chosen by parents, preventing device inequality and ensuring ease of management for network managers. Students will own the devices after the monthly payments are complete and HP's leasing partner will own all the risk against damaged devices and parents defaulting on payments. Devices are also insured against accidental damage and theft.

HP will not run any credit checks on parents ensuring parents financial situations do not negatively impact their students learning opportunities. HP LearnAbility also offers parents discounts against retail pricing, potentially saving hundreds of pounds.

HP will also offer parental marketing before going live to help the school inform the parents of the benefits and help answer any questions they may have. In addition, parents, or the school can trade in old devices to help lower monthly costs even further.

Please visit for more information and to register your interest.


How does it work

  1. Schools select the devices they want to include on the scheme and add them to the Virtual Vending Machine™.
  2. The school can add in additional options of training, software and remove learning.
  3. Parents then log in to the parent portal, unique to each school and can select the device they'd like and select any payment term choices (pre-approved by the school).
  4. Parents have the option to trade in devices to lower monthly cost, or use the cashback to help the school funds.
  5. Parents then checkout in the Virtual Vending Machine™, implementing billing details, which generates a payment agreement ready for e-signature.
  6. Devices are sent to the school, labelled for each student once all parents have ordered.

What's included?

  • Products and services chosen by the school
  • Accidental damage and theft insurance for the duration of the programme
  • Insurance against parent non-payment for the duration of the programme
  • No up-front cash requirement from the school
  • Full payment collection services
  • Dedicated support desk
  • Marketing support to inform and engage the parents
  • Free e-safety advice for parents
  • No personal credit checks on parents or guardians
  • Customised Virtual Vending Machine™
  • Support of subject selection at parents' evening
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