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Smoothwall Monitor


Helping you to keep your pupils safe and your school compliant

Product Overview

Why Smoothwall?

At RM we believe that nothing is more important than ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of young people. That's why we are proud to partner with Smoothwall to provide schools with a proactive way of identifying online risks, such as inappropriate and harmful content, and alerting safeguarding teams when a student is in need. 

Smoothwall Monitor

Digital monitoring allows you to identify any alarming activity and take appropriate action. Smoothwall Monitor works in real-time to alert safeguarding teams to risks as they happen and helps to prevent online risks becoming real-life incidents. Offering a 24/7/365 human moderated service, Smoothwall Monitor meets all Ofsted requirements for proactive 'appropriate monitoring' and helps schools exceed the latest KCSIE guidance.

Watch how Smoothwall Monitor has been keeping students safe.

What does Smoothwall Monitor offer?

Proactive real-time monitoring
Captures user activity as it happens, automatically sending potential risks through to the Monitor portal.

Online and offline monitoring
Captures activity that may indicate a risk, even outside of the regular web browser such as in a Word Document, Messaging app, or encrypted "dark web" browser.

Auto pre-grading
Our 24/7 in-house team of moderators review captures to minimise false positives and contact you by phone for any urgent risks.

Alert notifications
Alerts are sent in real-time by phone, email, and stored within the intuitive portal for you to review.

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Digital monitoring for schools and multi-academy trusts
Early identification of a risk means early intervention and improved student outcomes. Educators can focus on the business of educating knowing that their students are protected both online and offline.

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