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Aruba 630 Series Wi-Fi 6E

Aruba Wi-Fi 6E


Product Overview
For schools who are looking for more bandwidth and faster connectivity. The Aruba Wi-Fi 6E solution is designed to take advantage of the 6GHz band via a comprehensive tri-band coverage to meet growing demands of Wi-Fi network. It delivers enterprise-grade performance with greater wireless capacity, wider channels for multi-gigabit speeds and minimal interference. It's efficiency and security enhancements promote high performance, so connection isn't lost in different parts of the school. We recommend this wireless network for Primary and Secondary schools.

What is Wi-Fi 6E? 

Wi-Fi 6E expands on the existing Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard and allows access to a new 6 GHz band. Wi-Fi 6E takes the efficiency features from Wi-Fi 6 like OFDMA, WPA3, and Target Wake Time and extends them to the 6GHz band to provide more contiguous spectrum and less interference. With Wi-Fi 6E, enterprises can support new use cases that demand multi gigabit speeds like high-definition video.

How does Wi-Fi 6E work?

Wi-Fi today uses two bands: 2.4GHz andd 5GHz. Wi-Fi 6E utilizes a third band: 6GHz. Wi-Fi 6E extends the same Wi-Fi 6 capabilities into the 6GHz to allow greater efficiency, higher throughput, and increased security. Why Wi-Fi 6E?With Wi-Fi 6E, you can enjoy...- More capacity in the 6 GHz band, which solves connection and congestion issues.- Wider channels, up to 160 MHz, which are ideal for high-def video and virtual reality.- No interference from microwaves, etc. because only 6E-capable devices can use the band.

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